DEW Water Conditioning Pitcher D28 (Mint Green)

DEW Water Conditioning Pitcher D28 (Mint Green)




Not just your ordinary pitcher, DEW Water Conditioning Pitcher D28 produces Antioxidant Alkaline water and with reduced chlorine content! It is also designed to be portable, convenient for home, office and even travels.

Product Features:

  • Antioxidant Alkaline water neutralizes harmful acidic toxins, reduces free radicals which causes cell damage and aging
  • Restores body’s pH levels
  • Reduces chlorine, improves taste and removes bad odour
  • Ergonomic design that fits most refrigerator doors
  • No battery required with manual dial cartridge replacement reminder



Product Name: DEW Water Conditioning Pitcher D28
Dimensions: 245mm (W) x 100mm (D) x 280mm (H)
Weight: 580g
Water temperature: Not exceeding 35°C
Filtered water capacity: 1.3L
Filtration capacity: 200 L (approximately 3 months)
Average filtration flow rate: 400 mL/min
Filter cartridge model: DC28


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